Mar 082016


This March 8, International Women’s Day, is time to celebrate our history of struggle for equality, and to unite in action for a better and more just world.

In Canada we celebrate the defeat of the anti-women Harper Tories, who shut down virtually every federal agency or service which supported women’s equality, closed Status of Women Canada offices, eliminated funding of women’s organizations which engage in advocacy, passed Bill C-36 (which endangers the lives of sex workers) and blocked legal avenues to fight for pay equity.

The unequal status of women has been condemned by virtually every United Nations body that reviews Canada’s human rights performance, including the CEDAW Committee, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Human Rights Committee, and the Human Rights Council. The new Liberal government must be pressed to take real action for full equality. Continue reading »

Jun 232014

Pride 2014 Statement from the Communist Party of Canada and the Young Communist League

The Pride 2014 summer season is here, including World Pride in Toronto and hundreds of events in cities and towns right across Canada! This is a time to celebrate the gains by LGBTTQ+ communities, and to reflect on the challenges we still face. The past year has seen some remarkable victories, but also ominous signals of a dangerous pushback from anti‑equality forces.. More and more countries are recognizing same‑sex marriage and other fundamental LGBTTQ+ rights. In Canada, the struggle to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender expression/identity has seen new progress.
The latest major victory was the adoption of an updated LGBTTQ+ policy by the Vancouver School Board, after a vitriolic hate campaign was defeated by VSB trustees and the new, broad‑based BC Safer Schools Coalition.

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Jan 232014
save canada post

Unity Can Stop the Tory Cuts!

The federal government’s unilateral decision to eliminate home delivery, jack postal rates, and cut thousands of jobs at Canada Post is a massive attack on one of Canada’s ‘flagship’ public services. This ‘reform’ has nothing to do with “modernizing” our postal services; rather, it is a central part of the overall agenda of the Conservatives and their big business patrons to privatize public services and to attack the rights and interests of organized workers. The Communist Party of Canada joins with postal workers, the rest of the labour movement and many community allies in condemning this action, and calls for the widest mobilization possible to force the Harper government to cancel its implementation. Continue reading »

Oct 082013
unite to stop war

Syria: The Ongoing Imperialist Drive to War and the Need for Anti-war Mobilizing

The imperialist drive to launch a military attack on Syria, which was rapidly accelerating only weeks ago, has been temporarily forced back. This is a victory for the forces of peace and solidarity, but the danger of escalation and direct intervention remain very high. The Communist Party of Canada calls on all peace and anti-war organizations to continue organizing and mobilizing to prevent aggression against Syria.

The US-led effort to blame the Al-Assad government for chemical attacks against civilians, and to use the incident as a pretext for launching direct military action, could not gain traction in the UN Security Council. These efforts failed, in part, through a combination of global public opposition, the commitments of Russia and China to block any approval for military strikes, and the rapid international isolation of the United States and the small handful of its allies, including Canada, which favoured a military strike. Continue reading »