Vote Drew Garvie in Beaches-East York

Drew Garvie is the leader of the Communist Party in Ontario and the Communist candidate for the Toronto riding of Beaches-East York where he and his family reside. 

“The working class in Ontario cannot afford another four years of Ford,” says Garvie. “Ford’s Big Business government will try to make working people pay for the capitalist crisis, especially Indigenous people, women and racialized and 2S/LGBTiQ communities.”

This is Drew Garvie’s fourth provincial election being a candidate for the Communist Party. Drew joined the Communist Party in 2006 while getting involved in the peace movement against Canada’s occupation of Afghanistan. He was elected to the leadership of the student union at the University of Guelph and organized with students against the Liberal McGuinty government’s funding cuts and privatization agenda for post-secondary education.

Drew moved to Toronto to lead the Young Communist League in 2014. In 2019 Drew was elected the leader of the Communist Party in Ontario.

“During the election and after, we need to fight for policies that put people and the planet before corporate profits! Vote Communist to send the clearest message that a People’s Alternative is urgently needed and help to build the movement for socialism!”

To contact Drew’s campaign, send an email to: