Vote Sebastian Vaillancourt in Kingston and the Islands

Sebastian Vaillancourt is a 22-year-old student, worker, and activist living in Kingston. In the past few years, Sebastian has worked with local organizations such as Kingston Peace Council and the Katarokwi Union of Tenants to help support Kingston’s unhoused community and make sure their basic needs are met. Sebastian is running in Kingston and the Islands to fight for social housing so that nobody is left without a home, and for rent control and rent rollbacks so that nobody has to pay more than 20% of their income on housing.

Sebastian strongly believes that working people and families deserve a break. The Tax burden should be shifted onto corporations and the very rich, while there should be no taxes on personal incomes under $40,000, and the provincial/harmonized sales tax should be eliminated. For residents of Kingston and the Islands, it is just as important that the government enact price controls on food, fuel, and housing, and prosecute price fixing and price gouging. 

Sebastian is also the former host of the radio show/podcast Crisis Watch: Kingston, which sought to highlight local social justice issues and provide interviews with other activists working to better our community.

To contact Sebastian’s campaign, send an email