Vote Gunes Agduk in Parkdale-High Park

Gunes Agduk is a worker and peace advocate running in Parkdale-High Park. He is extremely passionate about issues that affect workers the most, like increasing the minimum wage to a livable $23 per hour, ending price gouging and enacting price controls on food, fuel and housing, and expanding free, universal healthcare to include dental care, vision care, pharmacare, mental health care, and long term care. One of the ways these goals can be achieved is to get money out of the police and the military and into the hands of communities, families, and workers. 

Having grown up in Parkdale, Gunes is ready to work to expand this already vibrant Toronto neighborhood to include everyone who makes Parkdale what it is. This means creating housing solutions for our neighbors, prioritizing our spending away from war, and expanding our public services so that they are comprehensive, public and universal. Gunes is also a member of the Toronto Association for Peace and Solidarity.

To contact Gunes‘ campaign, send an email