Vote Jennifer Moxon in Toronto-Danforth

Jennifer Moxon is running in this Ontario election in the riding of Toronto-Danforth because we need and deserve a candidate who will center people’s needs over corporate greed. Jennifer has worked in the social services sector for over 20 years and has always been a committed fighter for housing rights, women’s equality, 2SLGBTTIQA equity, labour organizing, and anti-poverty struggles.

Jennifer strongly believes that housing, education, and healthcare access are interconnected and essential for healthy communities. The current housing crisis is critical. People are literally dying on our streets while others, including whole families, are being illegally evicted, or priced out of their homes. Being able to afford one’s most basic needs is becoming increasingly unattainable in Ontario. Many of us are only one paycheque away from bankruptcy. Our neighbours who live on disability or pensions are struggling to survive on the poverty rates that the government refuses to raise — rates that have been well below the poverty line for decades. Many, many people are working two or three jobs to make ends meet. Poverty rates combined with stagnating wages for workers often force families to choose between food and rent.   

Other parties and candidates solicit our votes during election time and, once elected, they enable the rich to make record-breaking profits. Capitalist politicians and political parties continue to prioritize profiteering landlords and investment bankers over our health and basic needs. We need public housing, proper funding for healthcare, and a commitment to keeping education public and safe for education workers and students. 

It is time to shift our political priorities and make fundamental changes in Toronto-Danforth and beyond. Let’s put people before profits and start to build a people’s movement that won’t back down. Jennifer is an experienced organizer, and a relentless fighter who will always have people’s needs at the heart of everything she does. She will work with you and your community to make sure that all of our needs are prioritized over and above corporate greed.  

If you are sick and tired of hearing the same old political platitudes and you desire genuine and meaningful change, then you need to vote for Jennifer Moxon – Toronto-Danforth.

To contact Jennifer’s campaign, send an email to: