Another world is possible, urgent, and worth fighting for.

The aim of the Communist Party is a socialist Canada: a society in which the wealth is owned equitably by the working people who create it, and where exploitation and oppression of one human being by another is ended.

With this aim, the CPC works with all those who struggle for peace, democracy, and social progress.

Our story

The CPC’s 90-year story in Ontario is intertwined with the struggles of the labour and peoples’ movements — from the forest and mine workers of Thunder Bay and Sudbury to the factory and mill workers of Hamilton and Windsor.

Since the founding of our party in 1921 in Guelph, Canadian Communists have held high the banners of peace, democracy, sovereignty and socialism. We are a small party, but we have big ideas.

The Communist Party is the only small party in Ontario today have elected, twice, to the Provincial Parliament. We have also elected on the federal, as well as municipal levels.

We have always stood with the struggles of the workers and farmers for a better life.

Join the Communist Party!

The Communist Party is growing and active. Today, big business and its friends say that socialism is finished and that capitalism will endure forever. In reality, it is the capitalist system which has no future. Having outlived its usefulness, it is incapable of meeting the needs and aspirations of the world’s peoples.

We welcome everyone who shares our vision of a socialist Canada.

In fighting for fundamental change, the Communists reflect the ideals of large numbers of Canadians who aspire for a better world. There is a hunger among working people for real and progressive change. The public mood is for more democracy, not less; and for real change, not reaction.

We invite you to apply to join our party today!

Workers and oppressed peoples of all countries, unite!

Contact us

Communist Party of Canada (Ontario)
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More information

You can read more about our party, our current campaigns and statements, and other issues by visiting our Central Party Website.

We also invite you to visit the websites for People’s Voice, Canada’s leading socialist newspaper, and the Young Communist League of Canada.