The Ontario Nominating Convention of the Communist Party of Canada expresses its solidarity with Gilary Massa, who was fired on December 2015 by her employer, the Ryerson University Students Union, while she was on maternity leave. Her dismissal is a harsh, shameful act that violated her basic rights and openly attacks women’s equality. We support the #IStandWithGilary campaign and its Mothers’ Day Rally for Maternity Leave on May 8.

No one should be subjected to public humiliation simply for taking maternity leave, and then expecting to have their job upon their return. When women are denied the right to maternity leave, they are being told that they are less worthy of employment, that they are less of a person.

When we stand in support of Gilary Massa, we stand in support of all women in their struggle for full equality, human rights, security and respect. It means we stand with all workers, against employers who attack their basic rights and dignity.

We condemn the RSU’s anti-worker and anti-woman actions, and demand Gilary Massa’s immediate reinstatement.  Furthermore, we demand stronger labour legislation in Ontario and the quick, effective enforcement of labour standards.