LogoCPCcheckSick of austerity politics controlled by corporate greed?
The Communist Party is running 11 candidates, on a platform of full-employment, massive housing and infrastructure construction, and progressive tax reform that puts the burden on corporations and the very rich. We are also campaigning for increased public transit, public auto insurance legislation, free post-secondary education, and expansions to public healthcare, education and childcare programs.

Working people, youth, the unemployed and the poor need voices in the legislature who will oppose austerity and fight for a people’s recovery. We need MPPs who will join with the labour and people’s movements to fight for working people and win real, progressive change in Ontario. We need Communist MPPs at Queen’s Park!

Vote for the program that Ontario’s working class is fighting for!
Elections are not about “who will win”, as manufactured by the Big Business media. Many working people want a sharp break from austerity politics. To do this we need to look outside the box from the parties that have embraced austerity – and capitalism. We need to get off the treadmill of right-wing politics. Voting for policies we don’t want is a real wasted vote!

Labour and people’s movements are fighting back in Ontario. For affordable public childcare, for accessible University and College education, for a substantially higher minimum wage, for LGBTI rights, for immigrant and migrant rights, for pensions and decent jobs. Vote for the policies you fight for the other 364 days of the year! Vote Communist!

Send a strong message!
After the election, the main issues will still be here and the struggle for a People’s Agenda will continue. Voting Communist sends a clear message that fundamental change is needed in Ontario. It’s an important message to send especially in the context of capitalist economic and environmental crisis! Even a relatively small number of votes for a Communist candidate speaks volumes and has the power to frighten Bay street and the other parties.

We need to continue to build the kind of movements that have increasingly been a challenge to the corporate austerity agenda across Canada, such as the 2012 Quebec student strike, Occupy and the Idle No More movement. It’s by uniting and reinforcing these movements in common struggle for a People’s Recovery that we can really win another Ontario. You can count on the Communist Party to be there, working with all those who think another Ontario is possible – and worth fighting for!

CPCOElectionBanner2Where and how to vote?
Find out where your local polling station is here.

How to vote:
If you are on the voters list you will have received a “Notice of Registration Card”. Bring that with photo ID.
If you were not mailed the “Notice of Registration Card” or forget it, bring photo ID with your address.
If you think you may not be on the voters list for whatever reason bring a piece of photo ID and you can be added to it by filling out a short form. For full details from Elections Ontario click here.

What should I do if there’s no Communist running in my riding?
The Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) is running 11 candidates in 7 different cities this election. Our advice is to vote Communist where possible, and where there’s no Communist candidate, to vote for the candidate who is most likely to stand with labour and people’s movements and support policies to curb corporate power.

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