3 Reasons to Vote Communist on June 12th

LogoCPCcheckSick of austerity politics controlled by corporate greed?
The Communist Party is running 11 candidates, on a platform of full-employment, massive housing and infrastructure construction, and progressive tax reform that puts the burden on corporations and the very rich. We are also campaigning for increased public transit, public auto insurance legislation, free post-secondary education, and expansions to public healthcare, education and childcare programs.

Working people, youth, the unemployed and the poor need voices in the legislature who will oppose austerity and fight for a people’s recovery. We need MPPs who will join with the labour and people’s movements to fight for working people and win real, progressive change in Ontario. We need Communist MPPs at Queen’s Park!

Vote for the program that Ontario’s working class is fighting for!
Elections are not about “who will win”, as manufactured by the Big Business media. Many working people want a sharp break from austerity politics. To do this we need to look outside the box from the parties that have embraced austerity – and capitalism. We need to get off the treadmill of right-wing politics. Voting for policies we don’t want is a real wasted vote! (more…)

CPC(Ontario) response to Ontario Native Women’s Association

Two-RowJune 1st, 2014 – reponse to Ontario Native Women’s Association provincial election questionnaire

1. How does your party plan to engage Aboriginal women to learn about the issues that matter to us and our families?
In our view there should be a close relationship between the government and the Ontario Native Women’s Association, as well as other Native Women’s organizations. The purpose should be to listen and consult with your organizations to hear first hand the needs and concerns of Native women in Ontario and across Canada, and to respond in a timely way with the rquired action. Many important concerns are already well-known to all political parties and the public, but there is no will to act. In our view the time for action is long overdue and the government should move right now to create jobs, raise living standards, improve healthcare and social programs, and adequately fund education, health, housing, childcare, culture, c;ean wate and sewage treatment facilities, and other urgently needed services and programs.
We also believe that the relationship between governments and Native peoples should be a nation to nation relationship that is respectful and that honours the Treaties and other agreements made between the two, generations ago. In particular, we believe that the government of Ontario should push hard to force the federal government to negotiate a just settlement to land claims, and to do it now. In the interim there should be no development on or under land that is subject to land claims, and no development without the agreement of those living on or near the land being developed. This applies to the Ring of Fire development currently under discussion. (more…)