Solidarity with the First Nations Land Alliance defending Indigenous land rights against resource extraction

Since it was elected in 2018, Ontario’s Conservative government has facilitated the acceleration of corporate exploitation of Indigenous territory in the province.  After declaring that he would “drive the first bulldozer” into the mineral-rich Ring of Fire in Northern Ontario, Doug Ford has allowed prospectors to stake thousands of new Read more…

Reverse Ford’s Greenbelt grift! Build social housing now!

The Ford government’s stated reason for removing 7,400 acres of land from the Greenbelt protection was to build 50,000 homes in order to alleviate the housing crisis. This was a lie and a scam. These lands were removed to provide developers with massive profits – there is no evidence that this land was ever needed to confront the housing crisis, and whether homes were ever built at all was always a secondary consideration. 


Solidarity with Metro workers on strike! Raise wages, roll back profits and prices!

The Communist Party stands in full solidarity with Metro workers in the GTA on strike and fighting against precarious work and for livable wages. Metro, along with the other Canadian grocery monopolies, amass record profits by pushing down workers’ wages and price-gouging the public in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. Metro workers are taking a stand and we stand with them.