Reverse Ford’s Greenbelt grift! Build social housing now!

The Ford government’s stated reason for removing 7,400 acres of land from the Greenbelt protection was to build 50,000 homes in order to alleviate the housing crisis. This was a lie and a scam. These lands were removed to provide developers with massive profits – there is no evidence that this land was ever needed to confront the housing crisis, and whether homes were ever built at all was always a secondary consideration. 


Solidarity with Metro workers on strike! Raise wages, roll back profits and prices!

The Communist Party stands in full solidarity with Metro workers in the GTA on strike and fighting against precarious work and for livable wages. Metro, along with the other Canadian grocery monopolies, amass record profits by pushing down workers’ wages and price-gouging the public in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. Metro workers are taking a stand and we stand with them.


Stop the deportations! Justice for international students!

The Communist Party joins the growing demand to stop the deportations of 15 international students from India who are currently living in Canada. These students, most of whom have lived, studied and worked in Canada for years, deserve to stay, and they deserve justice as the victims of fraud and a racist and exploitative immigration system. The 15 students are part of a larger group of hundreds of international students who are being threatened with Read more…

Toronto Mayoral: Block the Right! Fight for a People’s Alternative!

The Toronto Committee of the Communist Party of Canada is calling for friends and supporters across the City of Toronto to block the right at the ballot box during the coming Mayoral by-election. After over a decade of right wing governments, Toronto services are in crisis, and working people are bearing the brunt of the city’s austerity policies. The cessation of social housing construction has led to a housing crisis which has priced many of Read more…