Text: "Not One More Life To Islamophobic Violence".

Not one more life to Islamophobic violence!

A disgusting act of murderous Islamophobia has cost the lives of four people in London, Ontario. With love and outrage we stand with the family and friends of those lost on June 6th.

The Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) stands in solidarity with Muslim communities in South Western Ontario and across the province, who are the broader intended target of this terrorist act.


Stop Ford’s Election Reforms

Expand working people’s power, not corporate power!

The Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) condemns the reforms to Ontario’s elections unveiled by the Ford government last week. The changes in Bill 254, the so-called “Protecting Elections Act”, will only serve to increase the political power of corporations and the wealthiest capitalists in the province. Doug Ford hopes the changes will get his government re-elected to another term in order to continue to put the burden of a deep economic crisis on the backs of Ontario’s working class.